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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine may be defined as the process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function. Regenerative Medicine refers to a group of biomedical approaches to clinical therapies that may involve the use of stem cells.

Stem Cells also known as MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) are your foreman on the jobsite when it comes to healing your painful joints and soft tissue injuries. Stem Cells have the ability to decrease inflammation and restore a healthier environment within a painful joint. They also recruit your healing cells to a site of injury or pain and may form other cell types, including cartilage and bone.

Adult stem cells can be found in many places, including bone marrow, fat, and placental and umbilical cord tissue. Vitality Healthcare focuses on the most accepted and most researched form which is to collect bone marrow aspirate which can be used for orthopedic applications Bone marrow is removed from the hip bone using a simple painless procedure, and the bone marrow aspirate can either be concentrated or used in a spinless technique depending on your condition.

On the same day your bone marrow is collected, the product is then injected into the area of the body being treated under image guidance (ultrasound or X-ray). The total procedure time usually takes 45 to 60 minutes. The most common orthopedic condition treated with stem cells is osteoarthritis and painful joints.

Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M)

Consider alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) one of the best therapies when it comes to regenerative medicine therapies. Especially for patients suffering from degenerative arthritis.

A2M is a safe and naturally occurring molecule that exists in your blood. It binds to the proteases; IL-1, IL-6, IL-18 and TNF that cause cartilage breakdown and inflammation, essentially halting their destruction and allowing an injury to heal.

A2M injections are considered a type of regenerative medicine, or orthobiologics. The minimally invasive procedure is conducted much like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, where a sample of your own blood is taken then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the levels of A2M. It is this concentrated collection of A2M obtained from your own blood that is re-injected directly to the target joint to help it heal.

A2M works by binding to and trapping the destructive proteins, which are then eliminated from the body naturally. Also, because of the nature of A2M itself, the procedure does not stimulate an inflammatory response in the body, so these injections involve even less discomfort than other regenerative therapies.

PRP Philadelphia

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an advanced treatment physicians have used to help repair damaged or injured tissues in the body.  This minimally invasive procedure helps initiate the body’s natural regenerative process by utilizing the growth factors that platelets are known to contain.  PRP therapy is autologous, meaning it is derived from the patient, therefore reducing the risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

The result of the treatment is the natural stimulation of growth factors moving towards the treated area.  There are no known side effects of PRP, although you may occasionally experience minor swelling or pain near the injection points for a short period of time.

Vitality Healthcare Large Joint Injections

Large Joint Injections

We also do large joint injections, including the knee, hip, feet and ankles, shoulder, and wrist. Our large joint injections are done under ultrasound guidance. The ultrasound is a safe and effective way to ensure patient safety as well as make sure that the injection is done in its proper place. It improves the effectiveness of the injection by insuring that the needle and fluid are going exactly where the practitioner wants.  Ultrasound equipment is both non-invasive and safe.

Vitality Healthcare Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections

(TPI) are a simple procedure widely performed to relieve myofascial pain. It involves injections into trigger points, or knots that form when muscles do not relax. TPI is used to treat a wide variety of pain syndromes and other painful conditions. A common application for TPI is treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, a chronic musculoskeletal pain condition in which painful trigger points develop within muscle and fascia. Another pain syndrome commonly treated with TPIs is fibromyalgia, a chronic condition involving widespread pain, fatigue, sleep abnormalities, and often distress. These trigger point injections are done to promote healing in the dysfunctional muscle. They take a few minutes and are very effective in the rehabilitation process.

Vitality Healthcare Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems- oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. You don’t have to have a disease to benefit from functional medicine.

Medical Supervised Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the greatest challenges our country faces today. Our clinic specializes in helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. If you have struggled with your weight, do not worry; working together we will find the right approach for success. We provide a medically proven approach to weight loss and maintenance. We realize that being overweight can be a personal and frustrating experience. At Vitality, we get to know our patients on a personal level. We know every patient is unique with special physical and emotional needs. We will help you identify your personal weight control challenges, set a realistic goal weight, and customize a weight loss plan to suit your health status and lifestyle.

Active Integrated Medical Physical Medicine

Functional Neurology

A health care specialty focused on the assessment, quantification, and rehabilitation of the human nervous system, utilizing sensory, motor and cognitive based therapies, to promote neuroplasticity, integrity and functional optimization. Functional Neurologists take an alternative approach to patient care, by assessing and treating the patient rather than the diagnosis. Patients often have unreached health goals or have not responded to traditional approaches and have conditions such as Brain Injuries, Vestibular Disorders, Chronic Pain Syndromes, Migraines, Neuropathies,  Developmental Challenges, Movement Disorders, Degenerative Disorders, or Unknown Conditions.


Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractic services are used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.

Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy involves stretching the spine, using a traction table or similar motorized device, with the goal of relieving back pain and/or leg pain. This procedure is called nonsurgical decompression therapy (as opposed to surgical spinal decompression, such as laminectomy and microdiscectomy). Spinal decompression devices use the same basic principle of spinal traction that has been offered by chiropractors, osteopaths, and other appropriately trained health professionals for many years. Both traction and decompression therapy are applied with the goals of relieving pain and promoting an optimal healing environment for bulging, degenerating, or herniated discs.